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Rice and Eggs With Bacon Recipe

Rice and Eggs With Bacon Recipe

It’s Tuesday night, you’ve worked all day and you don’t feel like making dinner…but you gotta eat. What do you do? Pull out the easiest recipe you know that only involves ingredients you always have ready in your fridge. After all, if you don’t feel like cooking, you sure as heck don’t feel like making a trip to the grocery store. You can’t go wrong with rice and eggs with bacon!


What you will need:

  • 1 pound of bacon
  • 2 cups of rice
  • 2-3 eggs per person
  • salt and pepper and/or chili powder



What you need to do:


1. Make the rice

Prepare the rice as you normally would and don’t forget to rinse it! I usually rinse about 4-5 times. If you’re using a rice cooker, just set it and forget it. If you are making rice on the stove top, add 4 cups of water. Salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer until all the water is absorbed.


2. Fry the bacon

Fry it in a skillet until it reaches optimum crispiness or you can even bake it in the oven if you want to avoid the popping grease. If you choose to go the oven route I recommend using a pan with a grate in the bottom to allow the grease to drip off. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Save the leftover grease from the oven pan for the next step. Place 2 layers of paper towels on a plate. When the bacon is done move to the plate and the paper towels will soak up any excess grease. I usually stick the plate in the microwave while I fry the eggs just to keep the bacon warm. No need to turn it on.


3. Fry the eggs

This is where the extra bacon grease comes in handy. If you fried the bacon in a skillet just use the same skillet for the eggs. If you did the bacon in the oven transfer the leftover grease to the skillet. How do you like your eggs? In my humble opinion, over medium is the best for this recipe, but I have a picky husband who only eats scrambled eggs, so those work, too.

Heat the grease over medium-high heat. Once it’s starting to pop, crack an egg into the skillet. Add salt, pepper and/or chili powder to the egg. While one side is frying, use a spatula or egg flipper to slosh the hot grease over the top. This will seal the yolk and make it easier to flip. Once the first side is done, flip and fry until the yolk is as runny as you like. If you have a large skillet, you can cook 2-3 eggs at once as long as you have enough room to flip them without busting the yolk.

If you choose to scramble some eggs, save them for last as they will soak up a lot of your grease. Crack the eggs into a small bowl, season as desired, and beat with a fork. Pour into the hot skillet and scramble until they reach desired doneness.


4. Let’s put it all togetherrice-and-eggs

Place the eggs on a plate and top with rice. Bust the yolk and cut the egg and mix everything together. Serve the bacon on the side or crumble it up and mix it in with the rice as well.


Super filling, super yummy, and super easy!



Let me know what you think of this recipe in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Rice and Eggs With Bacon Recipe”

  • That looks absolutely delicious! I love the addition of bacon to the rice and egg. So simple, but perfect. My grandmother used to make pasta and egg. She would cook orzo and then return it to the pan and add one or two eggs with a little butter and salt. So delicious and comforting! This is along the same lines and I think I’ll try this !

  • Sounds absolutely delicious! I would imagine this would be good with hot sauce dashed on top of it as well. Although being the healthy guy I am, I would probably be draining the bacon grease and using olive oil as much as I could instead. 🙂

  • OMG!!! I wasn’t hungry until I stumbled across this recipe, does the bacon still get as crispy in the oven as it does in the frying pan? Let’s be serious its all about the crispyness….I’m sure I’ve got some bacon, I’m off into the kitchen! bye!

  • My husband would LOVE this recipe! Rice and eggs is his goto lazy man dish when there’s nothing else to eat and we’re both too lazy to really cook. I’ll have to remind him to try it with bacon next time!

  • I must say that’s a lot of bacon! Great idea though, since those are ingredients I often do always have at home. Maybe I will try it one night when I get home late, much cheaper and probably healthier than MacDonalds.

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